Back in Black

Hey guys sorry I’ve been absent for such a long while :)   Been super busy on projects and I’ve been working in VideoGames as of late.  For the Past 10 months I’ve been making my home at Riot Games working on the immensely awesome League of Legends game!  If you guys have not played–you should be!!!!

Okay here’s some art updates–most of them being my very last Warcraft Cards and some commissions some New 52 DC card stuff and some DC covers:).

Big shot out to Blizzard–I think I’ve done like 100+ images for them and the TCG and well over 10 years of work with them too.  Great Run and even greater folks.  And to my colorists Tony Washington, Chuck Pires and Ryan Kinnaird! Thank you guys!

And as always–for those of you looking to purchase art from me online I have a CAF Gallery and you can check it out here.

Art Dump Update!

Got lots of new art to post up and share! Thanks so much for stopping by :)

If any of you are planning to any shows this year, please check out my upcoming appearances! My latest will be at the Long Beach Comic Con One Day show, this coming May 12. I will be selling prints, sketchbooks and original art.

See you there!

For those of you looking to purchase art from me online I have a CAF Gallery and you check it out here.

Currently I have for sale some Misc Cover and Warcraft Art.  Contact me at if you are interested :)

Blue Marvel and Friends

Just wanted to post up some design/pitch stuff I’m doing with my buddy Kevin Grevious of Underworld fame of his creation Blue Marvel for Marvel comics. I love his powers and his backstory, though I hate hate his costume…so I did a bit of redesigning for the fun of it….though I’m not sure if it’ll get picked up or not.

But also included in the pitch was his interaction with Cap and the Super Adapatiod. Which I did a redesign of, and two color tests on as well…though I love the classic green look…

I find that doing some quick character sketches helps me get a reign on the character and the overall look I want for the characters in the book…so hopefully this’ll get picked up :) - Jonboy

Hello world!

Welcome guys and thanks for stopping by, I’m really thrilled to have a site up and running showcasing all the new and exciting projects I’ve been working on. Feel free to browse the new Gallery section and Store section, and I’ll be constantly updating the site as much as possible.

I will be attending this Year’s SDCC as well and you can find me in Artist Alley at booth number FF-23. I’ll be sharing table space with my bros Tony Washington and Mark Irwin. All 3 of us will be doing sketches and commissions, selling art and sketchbooks and signing autographs.


New Commissions

Also big ups to Marc and Matt of CCM who put this site together. Thanks guys you rock the Box.


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